What IS that smell? Buyers becoming familiar with where the dairies are in and around Mesa, Arizona!

by Teri Ellis on January 4, 2011

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Recently I’ve been traveling along the 202 Freeway in Mesa, South to Gilbert for appointments in that part of the valley. I’ve always been aware of the dairy sitting just north of the freeway as it loops down to the southern part of Mesa and on into Gilbert and Chandler, but for some reason was unaware of the SMELL during certain periods of time. The rain and then the sun only make it worse. It permeates the inside of my car and my nose. There are several dairies scattered throughout the outlying areas (many of which are now located close enough to homes) that it bears paying attention.

Buyers purchasing a home in those areas (unless they come from dairy farms and are accustomed to the smells) need to carefully assess the community in which they choose to settle. I heartily recommend driving the neighborhood with their windows open – not only checking for unsightly communities, but smelling the air! Do you really want to end up in a home or community that has that stench? Become educated buyers – not only ask the neighbors, but be very watchful and careful when purchasing a home in an area close to a dairy farm. Eventually, I suppose, they will move even further out, but until then???

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