Home Inspections! AND Why They Are Important

by Teri Ellis on June 19, 2011

When working with a Buyer, I heartily recommend they purchase (about $350) a home inspection! I provide several names of individuals or companies that are ASHI certified, and the Buyer chooses. Most of the companies will also do a termite inspection at the same time for a small additional charge. Home inspection prices are based on the square footage of the home, whether it has a pool, age, etc.

anreloarkFor those Buyers who do choose to have a home inspection, I would suggest  they also  arrange for the inspector to re-inspect the home after the repairs have been made to make certain the repairs have adequately been completed

On more than one occasion, when the home inspector did a re-inspection, it was found that the roof had not been repaired, or the other items of importance were not completed to the satisfaction of the Buyer. This isn’t necessarily the Seller’s doing. The Seller will probably not be climbing up on the roof to inspect the job. It’s could be the negligence of the repair person hired by the Seller to complete the “fixes” and the “repairs”.

Today our active listings total 22,948, and our pending contracts are almost to 13,547. The active listings are going down as much as 1,000 per week in the past couple of months.  Could it be? We are heading toward a housing shortage? Only time will tell! Buy why wait until we’re all scrambling to find an affordable home – competing with one another. That’s just what drives prices up.  With the interest rates as low as they are, Buyers need to seriously consider making their move!

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