Gold Canyon, Arizona! Golf Anyone?

by Teri Ellis on July 24, 2011

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Gold Canyon Resort

Just nine miles east of Mesa, Arizona, in the beautiful Superstition Mountain foothills lies Gold Canyon Golf Resort boasting two 18-hole championship golf courses: Dinosaur Mountain and The Sidewinder. With views the envy of our state, this is a popular landing spot for many from the colder climates in our United States of America.

Gold Canyon East

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Lots of golfing, hiking and relaxation is always available in this fabulous area. Close by is the Arizona Renaissance Festival, a medieval amusement park and Renaissance Fair in Arizona just east of Gold Canyon East. Popular with residents from the Phoenix Valley, the Festival usually runs from late winter to mid-spring every year.

After traveling from the Superstition Foothills, the eastern portion of Gold Canyon also touts spectacular views! No less beautiful than the west side, many custom homes spot the landscape in the mountains and hills, with panoramic views. This is definitely a breathtaking area with great history and just far enough away from the city lights to feel a lot like country. Take a drive through, but make sure you bring your camera along!

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